Custom Build Flamers

With herbicide resistant weeds getting more and more prevalent.

Flamers are becoming a much needed tool on every farm.

We build custom flamers to help farmers control weeds and pests.

Flamers can help eliminate the use of herbicides and pesticides.


We can build any size flamer you need. From 4 row wide to 24 row narrow. 

We offer three different types of flamers: Over the row hood, broadcast and crisscross pattern.

Our flamer burners offer an industry first.

We guarantee our burners will not go out because of wind!

We have worked hard on creating a burner that is super fuel efficient that will save you money versus any other burner on the market. 

We also have the option of flamer mounted propane tank or the hitch option where the tank is pulled behind.

We usually have a waiting list.


Looking for burners to build your own flamer? We sell just the burners too!


Contact us to learn more and get on the list.


Flame Weeder

Custom build flame weeders by Kadelbach Manufacturing, LLC. To learn more or to put one to work on your farm, visit www.kadelbachmfg.com or call toll free at 1-888-978-6210.